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Who Is Kafir - Free Essay Example

A person comes to be a Kafir when he denies the reality even with being actually persuaded that it is the fact. Due to the fact that it is actually humanly difficult for an individual to calculate whether somebody is refusing the truth or otherwise, it is merely on the manner of information supplied by the Almighty that an individual may be gotten in touch with a Kafir. In the opportunities of His Rusul, He decided on to transmit this relevant information to his Rusul via Wahi; nevertheless, after the shift of the last Rasul Muhammad (sws), individuals that have actually purposefully refused the reality can easily not be pinpointed considering that the institution of Wahi has actually been actually cancelled. No Muslim preacher remains in a placement to show the truth in a way a Rasul manages to, nor can easily he identify who amongst his addressees is actually bad of purposefully rejecting the fact. After the Prophet (sws), simply on the Day of Judgment will certainly it now be known whether a specific person is a Kafir or even certainly not. It appears from this description that the Christians and Jews and followers of various other faiths in opportunities after the Prophet (sws) are certainly not Kafirs; the best title for all of them is non-Muslims. As far as Christians are regarded, it is to be kept in mind that they are actually essentially followers of monotheism. They never ever admit to polytheism, though they are actually associated with it. A person comes to be a polytheist when he candidly accepts that he is actually a polytheist, despite the fact that he might be exercising polytheism in some form; the explanation is that an individual may be carrying out glitch without recognizing what he is doing; Christians, whether of today or coming from the time frame of Jesus (sws), have never ever confessed to polytheism. Triad to all of them is actually in conformance along with monotheism. Obviously, our company carry out not concede along with all of them, but unless they discover it, we may just point out that in s pite of asserting to become monotheists they are associated with polytheism. Their scenario holds true of a Muslim who heads to the tomb of a st to ask him to grant a desire; we should certainly not contact such a Muslim a polytheist; our team will tell him that what he is actually carrying out is actually one thing against monotheism to which he themself definitely asserts faithfulness. In a similar way, our experts should certainly not get in touch with Christians polytheists, yet we will always keep telling them that what they are actually carrying out is actually not based on monotheism. It is exactly consequently that the Qura never described the People of the Book as polytheists though they registered for certain blatant types of polytheism. The Quran only called the Israelites as polytheists due to the fact that they undoubtedly subscribed and demonstrated to the creed of polytheism. They strongly supported that polytheism was the exact religious beliefs the Almighty had actually shown and also asserted that they were the powerful adherents to this faith.

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Fundamentals of Brochure Design

So you're wondering how to how to design a brochure that will impress. Dealing in the medium of brochures is a tricky thing, because they're all just one step away from the garbage. But don't worry, this post will show you how to make a great-looking brochure that's not destined for the recycling bin. You'll learn how to master the 2 most important components of brochure design: the copy and the photos. For a brochure to be a success, your copy and images should be an integral part of the design, not just an addition. The finished product should also be consistent with your brand. Let's jump in. Related: How to make a travel brochure that looks stunning The copy Words. We throw them around every day, but how often do you carefully consider what you're saying? When it comes to brochures, word choice is paramount. Remember that your objective is to entertain, persuade, and inform. Here's how you do it: 1. Check your grammar and spelling Read your work twice, then have someone else look it over. A misspelling or grammatical mistake can slay your professionalism and doom your brochure to the open jaws of the trash can. 2. Make evergreen content You don't want to create a quality brochure only to make a new one next year because the content is out of date. In copywriting, a principal objective is to make sure your content is evergreen. This means that your content will (theoretically) always be relevant. So, you might want to avoid including references to upcoming holidays or this year's Super Bowl winners. 3. Be international Your copy will potentially be read by people from many countries and cultures. Every culture has idioms and colloquial expressions that may not transfer well. For example, if you talk about killing two birds with one stone to someone who speaks English as a second language, they might call the animal cruelty hotline. Of course, using colloquial or idiomatic language can humanize your brand and keep things lighthearted. It becomes a problem when you use so much culture-specific language that your writing is unintelligible to someone who has a different background. Knowing your audience will help you strike the right tone. 4. Know your brand and stick to it Every line you write should align with the larger brand experience of your organization. This creates a consistent experience for your customers—and helps potential customers know what to expect. Just like we speak differently in different social settings, the copy in your brochure should adjust to your brand. Yelp's Eat24, an online food delivery service, has settled nicely into a brand that really works for them. The tone is playful and lighthearted; for an example, check out this messaging from the Eat24 website: This copy is clever and it also matches the overall feel of Eat24's site. The humorous, slightly sarcastic branding of Eat24 could work for your brand, but you also might need to take a different approach. Imagine if you saw an ad from your bank that said, "We'll watch your money for you. Probably." Customers would be confused and concerned, so again, know what's acceptable to your audience. For more examples of standout copy, check out this post from Hubspot's marketing blog. The photos Just like your copy, the photographs in your brochure send a message. You'll want to make sure that message is professional and interesting. Before we get any further, I think I need to make one thing very clear: Beware of stock photography. Millions of Americans struggle with stock photography every year. You know it when you see it—models with unnatural facial expressions, dressed in stereotypical clothing, all bathed in lighting that even a moth wouldn't fly toward. Just thinking about it makes me shutter (get it?), and I don't want you to feel the same pain. Luckily, there are alternatives. What follows is a list of my favorite sites for free images that aren't awful (in no particular order). 1. Unsplash I find myself visiting this site most often. I think the images are gorgeous, and they're always very high quality. All the images are free, and no attribution is necessary. It's a pretty great deal, and you also don't have to sign up for anything to download the image. The wait is over: Unsplash is here. Access 1,000,000+ professional stock photos FREE with our new Unsplash integration. Now you'll always have the perfect picture to complete your next project. Learn more>>> 2. Pixabay Pixabay has a ton of images on their site, and, like Unsplash, there is no attribution required. There is a pretty diverse range of photos on Pixabay, though the quality does vary. You can find some great stuff though! 3. Again, no attribution required here, and there's a great selection of high-quality images. Many of the images are comparable to Unsplash, and sometimes the two overlap a bit. has definitely come in handy for me. 4. Flickr Flickr has a lot of great stuff, you just have to be aware that not all of it is free for commercial use. You can filter your searches to only include photos that are open to commercial use and modifications, and you'll usually have to credit the image to the original creator and link back to the source, just as I did on the photo above. There are a few more options out there, but those are a good place to start. Fantastic photos will draw your brochure readers in and stay their trash-tossing hand. Ready to get started? Choose one of our free brochure templates and dive in!

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World War One Of The Worst Wars Of All Time - 2226 Words

World War 2 was one of the worst wars of all time. In 1939, Adolf Hitler started a war because of his genocide of Jewish people. And, he was succeeding. No one could stop him. We needed something to change. If we didn’t stop something soon, Hitler would take over all of the Middle East and presume to take over the world. The US thankfully came up with a solution to this, they created an unstoppable force, the B-29 Superfortress Fighter Plane. The B-29 was the most destructive warplane ever to be invented. It was the fastest, most advanced plane of its time. The B-29 was used in World War Two and won the excruciating war for the Americans. The B-29 is even admired by people today. This is the plane that saved the world. There were nearly†¦show more content†¦They had to work in coal mines and chop wood. On top of that, they were given a very limited number of supplies and hope. With numbers branded to their wrists, they could have also been killed in the countless gas chambers and mean guards that Hitler purchased. They were given wooden beds with no sheets or blankets, stale bread, and broth, and on top of that, they were taunted by the Nazi Guards everywhere. All Jewish people feared Adolf Hitler. He was their worst nightmare. Many Jews believed that they would never make it out alive, others were a little more hopeful, and others rebelled against the Nazis. But what they didn’t know is that the Jews that still remained were going to make it out alive, thanks to the United States and the Allies. World War Two was one of the fiercest, destructive, brutal wars ever to be recorded in history. Great Britain was falling to the Nazis, at the time Great Britain wasn’t as advanced as they are now. Being allied with the most advanced country at the time, the United States, they asked them to create an aircraft that would help them get out of their plight. The United States responded with the most advanced warplane in the history of the world. What is the B-29? World War Two was such a brutal war that the United States actually shut down the automobile manufacturers for 4-5 years just to focus more

How Your Actions May Be Unintentionally Racist

In the aftermath of the presidential election of 2016, many people have experienced relationship blowouts with friends, family, romantic partners, and colleagues over accusations of racism. Many of those who voted for Donald Trump have found themselves accused of being racist, as well as sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and xenophobic. Those making the accusations feel this way because they associate these forms of discrimination with the candidate himself, on account of statements he made and behaviors he displayed throughout the campaign, and the likely outcomes of policies and practices that he supports. But many of those accused find themselves confused and angry at the accusation, and feel that exercising their right to vote for the political candidate of their choice does not make them a racist, nor any other form of oppressor. So, who is in the right? Does voting for a certain political candidate make someone a racist? Can our actions be racist even though we dont mean them to be? Lets consider these questions from a sociological standpoint  and draw on social science theory and research to answer them. Dealing With the R Word When people are accused of being a racist in todays United States they often experience this accusation as an attack on their character. Growing up, we are taught that being racist is bad. It is considered among the worst crimes ever committed on U.S. soil, in the forms of genocide of Native Americans, enslavement of Africans and their descendants, violence and segregation during the Jim Crow era, Japanese internment, and the fierce and violent resistance shown by many to integration and the 1960s movement for Civil Rights, to name just a handful of notable cases. The way that we learn this history suggests that formal, institutional racism—that enforced by law—is a thing of the past. It follows, then, that the attitudes and behaviors among the wider population that worked to enforce racism through informal means is also (mostly) a thing of the past too. We are taught that racists were bad people who lived in our history, and because of that, the problem is largely behind us. So, its understandable that when a person is accused of racism today, it seems a ghastly thing to say, and a nearly unspeakable thing to say directly to a person. This is why, since the election, as this accusation has been hurled between family members, friends, and loved ones, relationships have blown up over social media, text, and in person. In a society that prides itself in being diverse, inclusive, tolerant, and color blind, calling someone a racist is one of the worst insults that can be made. But lost in these accusations and blowups is what racism actually means in todays world, and the diversity of forms that racist actions take. What Racism Is Today Sociologists believe that racism exists when ideas and assumptions about racial categories are used to justify and reproduce a racial hierarchy that unjustly limits access to power, resources, rights, and privileges to some on the basis of race, while at the same time giving unjust amounts of those things to others. Racism also occurs when this kind of unjust social structure is produced by the failure to account for race and the force it exerts in all aspects of society, both historically and today. By this definition of racism, a belief, worldview, or an action is racist when it supports the continuance of this kind of racially imbalanced system of power and privilege. So if you want to know whether an action is racist, then the question to ask about it is: Does it help to reproduce a racial hierarchy that gives some more power, privileges, rights, and resources than others, on the basis of race? Framing the question this way means that a variety of different kinds of thoughts and actions can be defined as racist. These are hardly limited to overt forms of racism that are highlighted in our historical narrative on the problem, like physical violence, using racial slurs, and plainly discriminating against people on the basis of race. By this definition, racism today often takes much more subtle, nuanced, and even hidden forms. To test this theoretical understanding of racism, lets examine some cases in which behavior or actions might have racist consequences, even though a person doesnt identify as a racist or intend for their actions to be racist. Dressing As an Indian for Halloween People who grew up in the 1970s or 80s are very likely to have seen kids dressed as Indians (Native Americans) for Halloween, or have gone as one at some point during their childhood. The costume, which draws on stereotypical portrayals of Native American culture and dress, including feathered headdresses, leather, and fringe clothing, remains fairly popular today and is widely available for men, women, children, and babies from a wide range of costume suppliers. No longer limited to Halloween, elements of the costume have become popular and common elements of outfits worn by attendees of music festivals across the U.S. While its unlikely that anyone who wears such a costume, or dresses their child in one, intends to be racist, dressing as an Indian for Halloween  is not as innocent as it may seem. Thats because the costume itself acts as a racial stereotype—it reduces an entire race of people, one composed of a diverse array of culturally distinct groups, to a small collection of physical elements. Racial stereotypes are dangerous because they play a crucial role in the social process of marginalizing groups of people on the basis of race, and in most cases, stripping those people of their humanity and reducing them to objects. The stereotypical image of the Indian in particular tends to fix Native Americans in the past, suggesting that they are not an important part of the present. This works to divert attention away from systems of economic and racial inequality that continue to exploit and oppress Native Americans today. For these reasons, dressing as an Indian for Halloween, or wearing any kind of costume that is composed of racial stereotypes, is in fact an act of racism. All Lives Matter The contemporary social movement Black Lives Matter was born in 2013 following the acquittal of the man who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The movement grew and came to national prominence in 2014 following the police killings of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. The name of the movement and the widely used hashtag that catalyzed it assert the importance of Black lives because the widespread violence against Black people in the U.S. and the oppression they suffer in a society that is systemically racist suggests that their lives do  not  matter. The history of enslavement of Black people and  racism against them is premised on the belief, whether conscious or not, that their lives are expendable and inconsequential. So, members of the movement and its supporters believe that it is necessary to assert that Black lives do in fact matter, as they draw attention to racism and ways to effectively fight it. Following media attention to the movement, some began to respond to it be stating or writing on social media that all lives matter. Of course, no one can argue with this claim. It is inherently true and rings to many with an air of egalitarianism. To many it is both an obvious and harmless statement. However, when we consider it as a response to the assertion that Black lives matter, we can see that it serves to divert attention from an anti-racist social movement. And, in the context of the racial history and contemporary racism of U.S. society, it works as a rhetorical device that ignores and silences Black voices, and draws attention away from the very real problems of racism that Black Lives Matter seeks to highlight and address. Whether one means to or not, doing so works to preserve the racial hierarchy of white privilege and supremacy. So, in the context of a dire need to listen to Black people when they talk about racism and what we need to do to help end it, stating that all lives matter is a racist act. Voting for Donald Trump Voting in elections is the lifeblood of American democracy. It is both a right and a duty of every citizen, and it has long been considered taboo to denigrate or chastise those whose political views and choices differ from ones own. This is because a democracy composed of multiple parties can only function when respect and cooperation are present. But during 2016, the public comments and political positions of Donald Trump have prompted many to buck the norm of civility. Many have characterized Trump and his supporters as racist, and many relationships have been destroyed in the process. So is it racist to support Trump? To answer that question one has to understand what he represents within the racial context of the U.S. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has a long history of behaving in racist ways. Throughout the campaign and prior to it, Trump made statements that denigrated racial groups and are rooted in dangerous racial stereotypes. His history in business is blighted by examples of discrimination against people of color. Throughout the campaign Trump routinely condoned violence against people of color, and condoned through his silence the white supremacist attitudes and racist actions of people among his supporters. Politically speaking, the policies he supports, like, for example, closing and defunding family planning clinics, those related to immigration and citizenship, overturning the Affordable Healthcare Act, and his proposed income tax brackets which penalize the poor and working classes will specifically harm people of color, at greater rates than they will harm white people, if they are passed into law. In doing so, these policies will help preserve the racial hierarchy of the U.S., white p rivilege, and white supremacy. Those who voted for Trump endorsed these policies, his attitudes, and behavior--all of which fit the sociological definition of racism. So, even if a person doesnt agree that thinking and acting this way is right, even if they themselves dont think and act this way, voting for Donald Trump was an act of racism. This reality is likely a hard pill to swallow for those of you who supported the Republican candidate. The good news is, its never too late to change. If you oppose racism and want to help fight it, there are practical things you can do in your everyday life as individuals, as members of communities, and as citizens of the U.S. to help end racism.

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Juvenile Delinquency And Juvenile Crime Essay - 2267 Words

Juvenile delinquency, as well as juvenile gangs are interesting and popular topic in the world of criminal justice. What criminological theories tie in with the problems of juvenile delinquency, juvenile gangs, and the reasons why juveniles do what they do? This paper explains the theories that tie in with the why, and how juveniles end up the way they do. Using the different theories explained in this paper you could hypothesize an explanation as to why the juvenile committed a crime or joined a gang. This paper touches on theories from Merton, Cohen, Cloward, Ohlin, Wolfgang, Ferracuti, and many more. â€Å"With a few exceptions, criminological theories of the 1950s and early 1960s focused on juvenile delinquency.†(Williams and McShane, 2014) Most of the theories researched during this time set out to explain what was considered the most common form of delinquency, gangs. Researchers set out to explain the origins or delinquent gangs and also look at why the different types of gangs are formed. To understand the theories that really researched into juvenile delinquency and juvenile gangs, you first must understand Robert Merton’s Anomie Theory or also called strain theory. Merton’s Anomie Theory is a theory of deviance, and does not focus on criminality. Merton’s theory basically states that the social structure becomes anomic when the goals set by society, for example financial success, and the means of achieving those goals are also focused on by society, forShow MoreRelatedJuvenile Crime And Juvenile Delinquency1322 Words   |  6 PagesVersion). Juvenile crime, in law, term denoting various offense committed by children or youth under the age of 18. U.S. official crime reported that in the mid-1900’s â€Å"about one-fifth of all persons arrested for crimes were under the age of 18† (Funk Wagnalls, 2014). Such acts are sometimes referred to as juvenile delinquency (Funk Wagnalls, 2014. Offering constructive programs reduces juvenile delinquency and reduces recidivism. â€Å"From the beginning, the principal consideration of the juvenile courtsRead MoreJuvenile Crime And Juvenile Delinquency1458 Words   |  6 PagesDay in and day out residents and visitors to the Boston area are affected by juvenile crime and delinquency. Though the crime rates in MA and across the nation are on a steady decline, these juvenile crimes are still considered a serious matter that needs attention. It is thought that juvenile offenders do not cope as well with the criminal justice system as well as adults may be able to and therefore there needs to be a focus on how the system can better aid in the rehabilitation of these youthfulRead MoreJuvenile Delinquency Is A Crime967 Words   |  4 PagesJuvenile Delinquency is a crime categorize mainly based on age. Juvenile delinquency the definition under the criminal law it generally refers to behavior which shall be subject to criminal penalties for people age under 18 being implemented. Juvenile delinquency is an increasingly common social problem facing the U.S currently. The problem of juvenile delinquency is also very prominent, and the severity of their crimes have been gaining awareness of the whole society. Poor social environment isRead More Juvenile Delinquency: Increasing Juvenile Crime and Violence965 Words   |  4 PagesJuvenile Delinquency: Increasing Juvenile Crime and Violence These days, children have been exposed to many dangers such as child abuse or kidnapping. This situation has not been improved so far, besides it is getting worse and worse. In present society, parents have to keep their eyes on children anytime because any children are potentially involved in crimes. On the other hand, Furedi, author of Culture of Fear, mentions â€Å"Children are depicted as more and more out of control† (20). ChildrenRead MoreCrime Prevention Programs And Juvenile Delinquency1378 Words   |  6 PagesCrime Prevention Programs Juvenile Delinquency Jenna Moffitt American Military University Professor Parkinson CMRJ295 November 29, 2015 Crime Prevention Programs Juvenile Delinquency Crime is the one constant thing in our country that will always be around. For decades we have enhanced our technology, changed our laws, put away criminals, but crime still, and will always exist. Crime prevention programs are put into place to help prevent juveniles and adults fromRead MoreJuvenile Delinquency Is The Highest Rate For Juvenile Crime1733 Words   |  7 PagesThe way the courts deal with juvenile delinquents varies depending on the country. Even the age of criminal responsibility is different depending on the country. Most people think when you become 18 you are no longer a minor and can be charged as an adult, well in Japan until you are 20 you can still be charged as a minor. In germany they consider 21 a legal adult .On the other hand when you become 17 in Australia you are charged as an adult. They way they treat juveniles in prison also differs. TheRead MoreThe Causes of Juvenile Delinquency and Crime Essay1432 Words   |  6 Pagesparents are not around. A tee n’s social environment, consisting of family and peers, plays a vital role in their life, therefore becoming the ultimate cause of juvenile delinquency. A finding that emerges very strongly and consistently is that delinquents have very poor relationships with their parents† (Gove 303-304). The teens who commit crimes often lack a parental figure in their lives. These teens are not strictly overseen by their parents, and their parents rarely know what they are up to or whatRead MoreNotes On Crime Rates And Juvenile Delinquency3087 Words   |  13 PagesClearwater police say that crime rates vary year to year and location to location. Throughout the past years crime rates have increased and decreased depending on the area we live in. This includes misdemeanor crimes such as small school fights or vandalizing textbooks. Lots of countries decide to deal with this issue with death penalties instead of doing something less drastic. I do not agree with such drastic measures, though. In order to lower crime rates, juvenile delinquents should be chargedRead MoreJuvenile Delinquency Is A Crime Committed By A Young Person1379 Words    |  6 PagesThe Juvenile is a young person who is between ages ten to eighteen and dependent on others for their survival. Delinquency refers to a crime committed by a young person. Juvenile Delinquency, for this reason, refers to a crime committed by a minor. The transition from childhood to adulthood is tough for some minors who end up in participating in criminal activities for survival. Much blame has been on the fall of social values, family ties and individuals. The disintegration of family norms has alsoRead MoreJuvenile Delinquency Should Be Punished Or Rehabilitated For Their Crimes1094 Words   |  5 Pagestwenty-first century is nearing two decades old many have been solved, yet so many remain or are being discovered. Juvenile delinquency is one of the many conflicts that occur in the world. How can it be put to an end? To solve a problem knowledge must first be obtained and data analyzed for conclusions. There are specific traits that juveniles have that help determine the risk of delinquency in a child. These can be caused by a vast number of environmental factors ranging from simple peer pressure to

Animal Farm by George Orwell Essay - 2122 Words

Animal Farm by George Orwell The allegory, Animal Farm ends with the following: â€Å"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.† What does this quotation and the events leading up to this conclusion demonstrate about politics, leadership, change and human nature in general? Katie Goering Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is an allegory that satirizes the change and difficulties in politics, leadership and human nature that arise during the period of time before and after a revolution. Although this novel includes some aspects of all revolutions, it focuses on the Russian Revolution in†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"He personally congratulated the animals on their achievement, and announced that the mill would be named Napoleon Mill.† (p. 104) The pig’s greed and corruption are also demonstrated in their willingness to adjust the laws. Napoleon and Squealer gradually change each of the original seven commandments. They convince the other animals that, in fact, pigs are allowed to kill other animals if they have a reason and they are also permitted to drink alcohol. By the end of the story, Napoleon and Squealer have modified the seven commandments so that there is only one left. â€Å"There was nothing now except a single commandment. It ran: all a nimals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.† (p. 133) Napoleon changed these rules because along with the ability to control so much comes avarice. Many goals are also promised to animals; however, few of these turn out as planned. The rebellion was aimed at reaching equality, but in the end, life for the animals was no better than it had been originally. Old Major intended for Animalism to bring civil rights to the farm and unite all of the animals to fight for their emancipation. Before Old Major dies, he initially tells the animals to â€Å"remember always your duty of enmity towards Man and all his ways. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or hasShow MoreRelatedAnimal Farm And George Orwell By George Orwell1034 Words   |  5 Pages Eric Arthur Blair, under the pseudonym of George Orwell, composed many novels in his lifetime that were considered both politically rebellious and socially incorrect. Working on the dream since childhood, Orwell would finally gain notoriety as an author with his 1945 novel Animal Farm, which drew on personal experiences and deeply rooted fear to satirically critique Russian communism during its expansion. Noticing the impact he made, he next took to writing the novel 1984, which similarly criticizedRead MoreAnimal Farm By George Orwell1397 Words   |  6 PagesAn important quote by the influential author of Animal Farm, George Orwell, is, â€Å"Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism.† George Orwell, a Democratic Socialist, wrote the book Animal Farm as an attack on the Communist country of Russia (â€Å"The Political Ideas of George Orwell,† He had a very strong disliking of Communism and the Socialist party of Russia. However, he insisted on finding the truthRead MoreAnimal Farm, By George Orwell1545 Words   |  7 Pagesallow because an this elite institution of people often use this gear to dominate and oppress society. In George Orwell’s story, Animal Farm, Orwell demonstrates that education is a powerful weapon and is a device that can be used to at least one’s benefit. Living in a world where strength is a straightforward to benefit, the pigs quick use education to govern the relaxation of the animals on the farm to serve themselves worked to their advantage. This story in shows the underlying message that   firstRead MoreAnimal Farm by George Orwell1100 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction: Widely acknowledged as a powerful allegory, the 1945 novella Animal Farm, conceived from the satirical mind of acclaimed author George Orwell, is a harrowing fable of a fictional dystopia that critiques the socialist philosophy of Stalin in terms of his leadership of the Soviet Union. Tired of their servitude to man, a group of farm animals revolt and establish their own society, only to be betrayed into worse servitude by their leaders, the pigs, whose initial virtuous intentionsRead MoreAnimal Farm By George Orwell1538 Words   |  7 PagesMecca Animal Farm The Russian Revolution in 1917 shows how a desperate society can be turned into a military superpower filled with terror and chaos. George Orwell uses his book, Animal Farm, to parallel this period of time in history. This book is an allegory of fascism and communism and the negative outcomes. The animals begin with great unity, working toward a common goal. The government then becomes corrupted by the temptations of power. George Orwell uses the characters in Animal Farm to showRead MoreAnimal Farm By George Orwell944 Words   |  4 Pageslegs(Orwell 132). He carried a whip in his trotter(Orwell 133). In the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, animals have the ability to talk and form their own ethos, Animalism. Animal Farm is an intriguing allegory by George Orwell, who is also the author of 1984, includes many enjoyable elements. More knowledge of the author, his use of allegorical elements, themes, symbols, and the significance in the real world, allows the reader to get more ou t of this glance into the future. George OrwellRead MoreAnimal Farm, By George Orwell876 Words   |  4 Pagesrebellious animals think no man means freedom and happiness, but they need to think again. The animals of Manor Farm rebel against the farm owner, Mr. Jones, and name it Animal Farm. The animals create Animalism, with seven commandments. As everything seems going well, two of the animals get into a rivalry, and things start changing. Food starts disappearing and commandments are changed, and the power begins to shift. Father of dystopian genre, George Orwell writes an interesting allegory, Animal FarmRead MoreAnimal Farm by George Orwell1175 Words   |  5 PagesAn enthusiastic participant in the Spanish civil war in 1936, George Orwell had a great understanding of the political world and made his strong opinions known through his enlightening literary works, many of which are still read in our modern era. Inspired by the 1917 Russian Revolution and the failed society it resulted in, Animal Farm by George Orwell is an encapsulating tale that epitomises how a free utopian society so idealistic can never be accomplished. The novella exemplifies how influencesRead MoreAnimal Farm, By George Orwell1089 Words   |  5 PagesIn George Orwell’s â€Å"Animal Farm†, the pigs as the farm leaders, use unknown language, invoke scare tactics and create specific laws, thereby enabling them to control other animals, to suit their greedy desires, and to perform actions outside their realm of power. Because of the pigs’ use of broad language, and the implementation of these tactics they are able to get away with avoiding laws, and are able to convince other animals into believing untrue stories that are beneficial to the pigs. The firstRead MoreAnimal Farm By George Orwell999 Words   |  4 PagesAnimal Farm Essay George Gurdjieff was an influential spiritual teacher in the early twentieth century. He references in the following quote that when one is uneducated he will always remain a slave. â€Å"Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.† (Gurdjieff) This ties in with how the animals are treated in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Animal Farm is a novella about animals who

Magical Realism Essay Example For Students

Magical Realism Essay Fantasy is uninhibited imagination, magical realism is the art of producing effects beyond human power by supernatural means, a myth is a traditional story, or legend that concerns a superhuman being without always being based in fact. * The stories, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, by Gabriel Garcia, and Fleur, by Louise Erdrich combine all three of these to create captivating stories. In A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Gabriel Garcia uses magical realism to bring the story to life by pointing out the differences in the familys lifestyle before and after the old man left. Also, Garcia points out the differences in appearance between the old man, and the usual preconceived notion of what an angel looks like. The beginning lines of the story tell of a poverty stricken family, living in a ramshackle house, whose baby is sick, and they are killing the crabs infesting their house all day. The reader can picture the dreariness of the setting when the author writes The sea and sky were a single ash gray thing and the sands, which on March nights glimmered like powdered light, had become a stew of mud and rotten shellfish (Marquez 284) The reader can smell the dead crabs, and see the darkness that would make it seem later than it actually is. However, because the old man comes, and becomes almost a circus attraction, the family makes a great deal of money. At the end of the story the couple built a two-story mansion. They also got better jobs, and clothes, yet the keep the cause of their good fortune, the old man, in the chicken coop still. The chicken coop was falling apart, murky and grimy, but they feel no gratitude towards the old man. Instead, they look at him as a burden. The old mans appearance isnt exactly what we think of angels, however. Most people think of angels as beautiful young men and women in long, flowing white gowns, which radiate light, and happiness. They usually have halos, and are always smiling and happy. This is the exact opposite of the old man. The author describes him as dressed like a ragpicker. There were only a few faded hairs left on his bald skull, and very few teeth left in his mouth. (284) His huge buzzard wings, dirty and half-plucked, were forever entangling in the mud. (284) This makes the man sound like a homeless beggar who happens to have soiled, disheveled wings. He does not even speak their language. Thr ough the imagery that Garcia uses, you can understand why these underprivileged, uneducated people would be afraid of this man. They dont have any special knowledge of angels, and they dont know what to make of the old man, especially one that looks like a beggar. The story Fleur by Louise Erdrich is a Native American legend. She uses a lot of mythical elements to support the use of theme. The story centers on a girl, who drowns more than once in a lake, and who is courted by Misshepeshu, the water-monster. Fleur is the superhuman being in this story. The author credits here with drowning twice, destroying a town, and being able to change into animals. She scares little children by caring a small childs finger in her pocket, and she kept the powder of unborn rabbits in a pouch around her neck. They dont pay much attention to the little girl, Pauline, who was a big-nosed, skinny girl with staring eyes. (Erdrich 427) But are fascinated by Fleur, who was attractive, strong and could play cards. They treat Pauline like she doesnt exist, because to them she doesnt. When they need help on things, they remember her until they dont need her anymore. Fleur is the only one that sees past her looks, and recognizes her as a person. In return Pauline isnt scared of Fleur, despite the things she has heard, or seen of her. Pauline even helps Fleur when she has a baby who most people think is either from a white man, or Misshepeshu. The theme in this story seems to be about the silly things people are judged by. The author is trying to make the point that it isnt looks that make the person. You cant judge people because of looks, or because of rumors. Because both Pauline, and Fleur look past what other people see, and dont pay attention to rumors they form a lasting friendship. 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That is where the element of fantasy comes in. The imagination used by the authors is vast. The story A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings leaves the reader with questions about whether the old man is even an angel. The author never comes out and says he is, he merely hints at it, and leaves the reader to come up with his or her own conclusions about the strange old man. In Fleur, most of the things they accredit her with are impossible. No person can control weather, or change into animals, or come back to life if they have truly drowned. Gabriel Garcia, and Louise Eldrich are both considered magical realism writers even though they also use fantasy and mythology in their writing. When all three elements combine they create a story that makes the reader think, bringing images to his or her mind. * The American College Dictionary. New York: Random House 1962Bibliography:* The American College Dictionary. New York: Random House 1962